I Need A Job

Looking for a job can be an exciting challange for some and a downright nightmare for the rest of us.  Without too much trouble, we can find ourselves being tormented by thoughts such as:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I don’t have the qualifications.”
  • “I’m too young /too old.”
  • “I get so nervous during interviews – I’m no good at them.”
  • “They’re just going to reject me…”

But think about it this way…

  • God created you as a unique and gifted person.
  • There are things that He has put within you that no-one else has – you are special.
  • He has a plan for your life and that includes where you work and what you do.
  • God has a door of opportunity ready for you, and only you, to walk through.

In Proverbs 16:9 God’s Word says:  “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

God always has your best interests at hand and because he put you together in the first place, He knows exactly where you are suited to work and what you are suited to do.  He wants you to be in a place where He can bless you as well as give you opportunities to be a blessing…

A Prayer For You…

“God, I need a job that suits me, the person you created.  You know how you put me together; you know my heart and my fears so you must know what’s good for me.  I’d like to have a job that gives me satisfaction – one where I am appreciated and respected as a person.  I need a job that pays me enough so I can pay the bills.  I ask that you open a door of opportunity for me so that I can get a job that is best for me and also provides me with opportunities to be a blessing to others.  Thank You for your help and hearing my prayer.  I look forward to my new job.  Amen”

We Will Pray With You…

If you have a prayer need or want someone to be praying for you, send us an email telling us about your need and we will pray with you.  Email us at prayer@fleurieufamilychurch.com.au today.