Agape Orphanage Network (AON)

Fleurieu Family Church partners with Agape Orphanage Network (Australia)  as part of its Missions outreach program in Africa.  AON has released its new catalogue of sponsor opportunities, ranging from meeting basic needs through to supporting village farming ventures.

Agape Orphanage Network (Australia) Inc.’s purpose is to provide relief to the people of local communities in Eastern Africa.  There is an emphasis on assisting orphanages and meeting the needs of women and children through supply of food, safe drinking water, bedding, education, sustainable farming resources and more.

These children desperately need our help.  Join the family of Agape Orphanage Network supporters who together are helping to meet the needs of orphaned and destitute children.

Often left to fend for themselves as a result of losing parents to disease or other tragic circumstances, these children battle to make it through each day.  By being a supporter you can make a difference and give them new hope.

For more information phone Steve Pidd on 0455 308 668 or visit the AON Website.  Download the AON Catalogue and Registration Details here.