The Dark Side of Technology

Restoring Balance In The Digital Age  (Brad Huddleston)

Technology is not a bad thing.  It’s just what it gives people easy access to that is the problem.  Technology has a place in our society, it always has, but evil is intent on using it to destroy lives, marriages, careers, youth, communities, and even drag society into the gutter.

We need to be aware of the subtlety and power of what has become so readily available to anyone, young or old, through the use of technology.  We see personalities change in our loved ones before our very eyes as they become hooked on social media, videos, games, animation, pornography, mobile phones, texting, blogging, and so the list goes on…

So, what’s the solution?  It begins with an understanding of how and why people get hooked in the first place.

Brad Huddleston reveals the facts behind what’s happening in our communities, even in our own homes, through these types of technologies.  See the The Dark Side of Technology website for more information.

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