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Fleurieu Family Church:

13 Leworthy Street, Victor Harbor SA 5211

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People go to church for reasons that are their own and we respect that.  Some people like the company, others love the atmosphere, there are some who are searching for answers, others enjoy the music, the preaching, the teaching, the encouragement, being part of a family…God’s family.

God loves His creation and that includes YOU.  He knows your past, your present and your future.  He has created the way to have a personal relationship with you. This is an experience in itself and if you are willing to accept God’s love through His Son Jesus Christ, you’ll discover His amazing grace.  It’s impossible to describe.  The only way to begin to understand it is to experience it for yourself.  Make it personal.  Allow God to show you His love for you.  Open your heart and invite Jesus to take up the place in your heart that God made for Him when He created you.

You may never have come to this church before, or even been in a church for that matter – regardless of any of that, you’re very welcome here.  Wherever you’re at, we’re all ears.  Drop us a line, give us a call…or just come by.  The coffee pot is usually brewing away and we’re bound to be able to scrounge up a biscuit or two if you’re lucky.

We appreciate that church is different for everyone and we hope you’ll enjoy coming to Fleurieu Family Church.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!


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