Blessing with Music & Creativity

Fleurieu Family Church provides opportunity for the creative-minded to participate in various creative arts ministries such as music, singing, sound recording, puppets, drama, story telling and support.

The Music Team (musicians, singers & sound operators) are always keen to welcome anyone who has a heart to sing or who plays a musical instrument.

Our Puppet Team provide for the church at various times, mostly during school holidays, and are enjoyed by people of all ages.  Puppets have always fascinated the child within each of us and our team is in the process of growing and attracting creative minded people.  There are opportunities for people to learn how to operate the puppets, write scripts, create props and interact with the puppets as part of a skit.

If you have the heart and talent for Storytelling, our Children’s Ministry Team would be interested in speaking with you.  There’s nothing like captivating the imagination of children (and adults alike) with a powerful and creative expression of scripture or a story.

Using Drama to act out a message or scripture is also a memorable way to interact with a congregation.  Whilst there is always a lot of work associated with drama, the results and impact this form of creative expression has on other people makes the effort worthwhile.  We’d be interested in speaking with you if you have a heart for this ministry.

With a growing Creative Ministry there’s always need for a Support Team of people to plan, organise, build, draw, paint and set up in support of the work of the ministry.  If you like to help out ‘behind the scenes’ so that everything runs smoothly, your support will always be appreciated.  Let us know if you like to participate in this way – you’ll be a great blessing as we grow together.

For more information contact Pastor Michael Ridley on 0408 669 655.