Preached by Anne Goodwin on 26/01/2020

You Are The Potter

God is the Potter and we are the clay.  Even before the Potter picks up the raw clay, He knows exactly what He is going to create with it.  In time He creates a thing of beauty and great purpose.

The pressures that the Potter applies to the clay are completely necessary to guarantee the right shape, the right proportions and the right result.  When we see God as the Potter, we can trust Him that through the tough times when we’re feeling the pressure, He is shaping us with intent and purpose…

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Scripture References

Isaiah 64:8
 Yet still, Yahweh, you are our Father.
We are like clay and you are our Potter.
Each one of us is the creative, artistic work of your hands.  (TPT)

Romans 9:10-17
10 Now, this son was our ancestor, Isaac, who, with his wife, Rebekah, conceived twins. 11–12 And before her twin sons were born, God spoke to Rebekah and said: “The oldest will serve the younger.”

God spoke these words before the sons had done anything good or bad, which proves that God calls people not on the basis of their good or bad works, but according to his divine purpose. 13 For in the words of Scripture: “Jacob I have chosen, but Esau I have rejected.”

14 So, what does all this mean? Are we saying that God is unfair? Of course not! 15 He had every right to say to Moses: “I will be merciful to whomever I choose and I will show compassion to whomever I wish.”

16 Again, this proves that God’s choice doesn’t depend on how badly someone wants it or tries to earn it, but it depends on God’s kindness and mercy. 17 For just as God said to Pharaoh: “I raised you up as ruler of Egypt for this reason, that I might make you an example of how I demonstrate my miracle power. For by the example of how I deal with you, my powerful name will be a message proclaimed throughout the earth!”  (TPT)

Romans 9:18-21
18 So again we see that it is entirely up to God to show mercy or to harden the hearts of whomever he chooses.  19 Well then, one might ask, “If God is in complete control, how could he blame us? For who can resist whatever he wants done?”

20 But who do you think you are to second-guess God? How could a human being molded out of clay say to the one who molded him, “Why in the world did you make me this way?”[ 21 Or are you denying the right of the potter to make out of clay whatever he wants? Doesn’t the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay an elegant vase or an ordinary pot?  (TPT)

Romans 9:22-26
22 And in the same way, although God has every right to unleash his anger and demonstrate his power, yet he is extremely patient with those who deserve wrath—vessels prepared for destruction. 23 And doesn’t he also have the right to release the revelation of the wealth of his glory to his vessels of mercy, whom God prepared beforehand to receive his glory? 24 Even for us, whether we are Jews or non-Jews, we are those he has called to experience his glory. 25 Remember the prophecy God gave in Hosea:

“To those who were rejected and not my people,
    I will say to them: ‘You are mine.’
And to those who were unloved I will say:
    ‘You are my darling.’ ”

26 And: “In the place where they were told, ‘You are nobody,’
    this will be the very place where they will be renamed
    ‘Children of the living God.’ ”  (TPT)